Films and Anima from 1995 and beyond ...

Wild Within Wild

a short film for Mojo Film Festival, shown in 2019 at the Melbourne Town Hall. About my favourite poem, with live improvised guitar by Harry Williamson, taken from the Hidden Self book launch. Nature footage from St Kilda beaches.

In the Dream

a short final year animation at VCA from 1997.

In the dream

I met my mother

I met my father

I met myself

My Friends and I come Running

a short piece of student video art done whiles studying at the VCA.

Music soundtrack is a song by Harry Williamson and Liz Van Dort from their album "Faraway". Includes a poem by Rumi, with slides by Charlotte Amos and Bee Williamson. Super8 film includes Charlotte and Sophia Davis. © 1996 Bee Williamson​​

​My Dear Friend Art

made for MOJO Film Festival 2018 at ACMI Melbourne. Made from art not seen before, clunky piano soundtrack by Bee.

The Dance

short dance Super 8 film shot in 1996 while at VCA. A celebration of dance and friendships! kookie hilarious fun around Melbourne. Transferred onto DVD for a film festival in 2004, The Other Film Festival at the Melbourne Museum.

Storming the Waters of Dawn

​made in 1995, this is an experimental

Super8 film transferred onto dvd. it has original music by the Marine Parade Celestial Castle​ women.​