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'Torment & Soul'

Naomi Downie's comments:

"Been drinking in your book. Saturday escaped the heat & found a cool breeze on a rooftop bar where l read ur poetry & drank water listening to folk bands play the summer sounds. Only love u more now.  After l finished reading the book.  I am very taken by the b&w sketches with words - very effective & appealing..  You have set a new bar for me with T&S. It is a large, full, adult work. A cannon of poetry like Ezra Pound. This is a very elegant book. It has encouraged me to respect my self more too. T&S is a seering commentary, a fierce voice crying from the dessert of our heartland.  Your own poetry books have set new high standard for women poets & artists. I hope one day to reach myself. Torment & soul carried many poems l knew of yours or subjects l knew u were passionate about. But the depth of your concern for the land & indigenous people were unexpected. The joys too of moments with nature were most moving. B&W - perfect choice. I liked the colour of my Zine is was in keeping with jazz etc. But b&w leans itself to architecture of thought, reasons & ideas. Framed the poems well."

"... the great book, 'Torment and Soul' is breathtaking"
- Professor Jayashri Kulkarni

Name : Turiya Bruce
Location : Byron Shire
Title : "Torment and Soul"
Review : Bee is well qualified to express poetry and art. She comes from an esteemed lineage that originated from England. Her words are weaving wonder and rawness grappling with the stuff of life in an elegant flow. Unapologetic in her loves and deep feelings, at once ecstatically transcendent and shadow dancing in dark memoirs. You will be moved and glad to have this book in your collection.

Name : Christie 
Location : Perth
Title : Hauntingly beautiful 
Review : "Torment & Soul" is a beautifully written anthology of poems and artwork that makes the reader feel like they are fallen Into the skin of the poet. We are taken through the fragile and raw complexity of memory and contemplation of themes both personal & universal always leaving one with a sense of hope, wonder & beauty. I particularly love A Dress Dripping with Stars & And The Bird Said. 

Name : Brenda

Location: United Kingdom 
Review : Bee Williamsons way with words is hard to describe apart from sensitive, aware and can carry you to a inner place of experience ... love her work and art 

'Nature - a gift'

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62 pages of poems and artwork.


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Nature - a gift
Nature - a gift

a A5 softcover book full of colour photographs, illustrations and painting of nature. 30 poems included, most written while being a Cafe Poet at Pheast48 through Australian Poetry Ltd.

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Nature - a gift example 1
Nature - a gift example 1

watercolour and mixed media. © Bee Williamson 2011

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Butterfly & Fuchsia
Butterfly & Fuchsia

watercolour in the book. © Bee Williamson 2011

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Nature - a gift
Nature - a gift

a A5 softcover book full of colour photographs, illustrations and painting of nature. 30 poems included, most written while being a Cafe Poet at Pheast48 through Australian Poetry Ltd.

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The poems are wonderful. So many we can identify with. The introduction should be front page reading every week in every newspaper and fashionable magazine until people "get it!'
I really liked that.

Hilton in NZ

Thank you so much for sending us a copy of Nature-A Gift, really enjoy your poems. An insight into how others see life

of various kinds.

Melva in NZ

I cannot really express how wonderful your book is. I read "Trees- Destiny Entwined" and had goose bumps - it moved me so much. "We are mother and child" brought tears to my eyes ( I am a softie!) Brilliant words and illustrations in all of your poems.

Professor Jayashri Kulkarni

Name : Louisa John-Krol
Location : Melbourne
Title : "The Hidden Self"
Review : Yesterday I read your wonderful book “The Hidden Self”, which we purchased online a few days ago. Bee, I hadn’t realised until checking into facebook a few days later that you’ve been unwell, so have been in contact with your Mum and am glad to hear you’re recovering. This collection stands powerfully among your contemporaries, particularly in the immense variety you command in theme, structure, tone and imagery. I question “Terra Nullius”, since geological evidence shows that Aborigines turned rainforests into deserts through burning, and hunted many large mammals to extinction. (So like any other race they did leave a legacy of destruction, just not as quickly.) Geography aside, I like your use of contrasts in that poem. Probably my favourite of your poems are “My Soul Inhabits the Earth” and “Tea Poem”. They are beautifully crafted, like flowers unfolding, with many layers of interpretation and a sense of keen balance. Among your pictures, I particularly love “Exaltation”, “Lovers” (inspired by Picasso – you do him proud!), “Sophia” and “Bella”. Of Naomi’s poems, my favourite is “The Silent Work”. I find the second part of it, especially the last lines, particularly enchanting. It’s perhaps no surprise to you that I find her pictures “Tree Spirit”, “Tree Woman Dreaming”, “Bird Song” and, especially, “Green Man and Lady of Blossoms”, really magical too :-) Reflecting on the publication as a whole, I like how you both weave words with visual imagery, which make the book highly enjoyable to read. Another point that impressed me is how you’ve each supported each other’s vision, not just in sharing space, but reaching into each other’s pages on occasion, with little illustrative tendrils, all of which rendered the book cohesive and organic. I also love the selected quotations. Thank you for your creativity and courage, Louisa 

'The Hidden Self' with Naomi Downie.

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