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My Mother's Harvest by Maribel Steel


a collection of family recipes & short stories, My Mother's Harvest contains a selection of family recipes, that have nourished three generations. In the second half of this book Maribel Steel recalls with endearing honesty, stories from her childhood. To be launched on the 18th April at the Victorian Women's Trust at 5pm - join us with champagne and nibbles to launch it!

e-book only $5 -

also available as softcover


The Latchkey Kid

Brenda and I worked on her memoir for six months, including collating the visual memoir as well. It was enjoyable for us both, often overcoming problems with image files. But we got there in the end! Brenda is a folk artist and art therapist, based in the UK. Her lovely paperback, full colour edition was posted all over the world, with much excitement. It was lovely for her to know her story had been told and she was more than just a mum. Her artworks are delicate and beautiful. Too see more, just go to

Carol's 65th Birthday Book.


Here, above is a book designed as a keep sake for my Mum. In it lies stories, anacedotes, sketches, photographs, notes, poems and artwork gathered from all over the world for her surpise 65th birthday present.

To see her face as she read the words and images, going back to her first boyfriend, her dearest friend from school - all wishing her a wonderful birthday.

You can do these things with style and grace and it can be a most wonderful surprise gift. It is affordable, and a unique way to celebrate a family member.

To find out more about Carol:

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