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'Comfort for Every Sorrow'

“Go outside… amidst the simple beauty of nature…and know that as long as places like this exist,
there will be comfort for every sorrow,
whatever the circumstances may be.”
Anne Frank

This is Bee Williamson’s 7th collection of poetry & artwork.


Comfort for Every Sorrow is an all-encompassing title that begs the question – is it humanly possible to find comfort for every sorrow? This collection of sensitive poetry by Bee Williamson, certainly gives us hope to believe there is. Bee writes with breathtaking honesty. She wears her heart, mind and soul on her sleeve. She understands the nuances of contemplation, introspection and silence … I do rail against sometimes, But if peace of mind and quiet of soul is your goal, it’s better to listen…

Segmenting her poetry into stanzas on The divine, Nature, Creativity, Intimacy, The Feminine, Suffering, Conflict and Ancestors, Bee covers the spectrum of emotions, fears, and anxieties of human belief and the subsequent consequences and inequality of our inaction. But her poetry also encapsulates the love, emotion, compassion, and at times despair, of the human condition … through the body we feel, through the mind we learn and teach, through the heart we touch … she is weary of her troubled mind, she wishes she could find her troubadour soul …

A passion for justice permeates her poems on Suffering, Conflict and Ancestors, where she is unapologetically outspoken … His gangrenous infection didn’t afflict him but it did me because I knew democracy … Bee’s poetry neither discriminates nor is it selective in it’s appeal … There is no ‘them’, there is no separation, there is just US, No borders from space, no segregation, no race, just US.

Throughout this soulful and often poignant collection, mother earth and the sheer beauty of nature permeate Bee’s poetry. The inclusion of calming photography and images compliment her well-crafted verse.

Comfort for Every Sorrow is a literal and pictorial work of art. This elegant collection is sensual reading – by a fireside, over a coffee or a time of reflective rumination – and the reading will challenge, uplift and soothe your spirit. It will go a long way to providing comfort for your sorrow.



Leigh Hay.

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