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Welcome to my writings page. I hope you enjoy reading a variety of my writings that aren't poems!

First off is the play "Hamlet's Angel" then the raw "Too Fat to Dance" tv script. Then you can dip into the 'He Left, She Left" autobiography and finally the obscure "I Hear the Voice of the Ocean" a transcript from Nature's voice.

Hamlet's Angel

'Hamlet's Angel' is an autobiographical ​1 hour play. Written over 10 years, it tells the story of a young woman's breakdown, spiritual emergency and eventual hospitalisation. It takes you on a rollercoater ride from bliss to hell and eventual recovery. It asks 'Is having kundalini a blessing or a curse?' 'Is this a breakdown or a breakthrough?' 'Hamlet's Angel' is a two actor play with many musical interludes, visually arresting images with a good solid humourous backbone aided by Dramaturg Martin R. White. The play was taken to Newcastle for the National Young Writer's Festival in 2007, by Mentor Nilgun Guven and actors Rachel Edwards and Ellen Casey. This was made possible by the City of Port Phillip's Cultural fund.

click here to listen the audio radio play 2013 version

He Left, She Left

'He Left, She Left' is the beginning of my autobiography. Written in the final year at VCA it is about the transition from Devon child to becoming Australian.

Too Fat to Dance

'Too Fat to Dance" begins with a young woman's journey into her world of dance and seduction. A Tanguero narrates this TV script originally conceived for Melbourne's Channel 31. It is a short but full exploration of the experience of clinical depression. Only 9 pages 'Too fat to Dance' covers a broad theme of passion and mental anguish. Will writing carry this woman's soul into a better space or will she be overcome by the black dog?

I Heard the Voice of the Ocean

And for something completely different - a 100 page poem written while listening to the voice of the Ocean.

cosmic or cryptic?

you decide....

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