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you have just discovered a hive of beautiful things.

Most days you will find me walking my kelpie, gazing into nature, listening to the gossip of lorikeets in lilly pilly trees, or staring at the intricate detail of a daisy’s radial petals. I have been fascinated by delicate and beautiful things since I was a young child in Devon in the 70’s. Some things never change.

I have just launched my second book of poetry and artwork, called, “Nature – a gift”. It is available for sale online at BookPOD for only $20. I hope to make BeautifulCurio a fun place, with guest bloggers from the wealth of artists and writers I call my family and friends. Grab a coffee and enjoy some treasures and pleasures.

Lladró Curio

Maribel Steel's Lladro Curio

​Burrita enamorada (female donkey in love)

This Lladró donkey (pronounced ya-DROH) was produced and sold in Spain between 1970 and 1985.
In 1973, I found this quaint curio when our family was spending a wonderful year in Madrid. While Dad researched his first book, A Manual of Colloquial Spanish, and Mum enjoyed visiting her relatives, my brother and I had a great time exploring the streets and special places of Madrid, not far from where our mother was born. Once we had shown her our Australian correspondence school assignments for that day, we were allowed to visit museums, markets, parks and shops of the vibrant Spanish capital.
When I was a teenager a teacher asked each of us what we wanted to do when we left school, bubbling with enthusiasm I stated boldly “An actor!” – The teacher looked at me sternly and replied “That’s nice Christie but what do you want to do for a career?”

His Tibetan Eyes

Guest blog for BeautifulCurio from her mother – writer, teacher & reviewer, Carol Middleton​

​.........The other curio I still have was made by a lover, a long time ago. He was an artist, and whittled the carving on one of many long nights in front of our cottage fire. We had no TV, no radio and no electricity, no distractions from love, art and pipe dreams. The carved figurine is a tiny Buddha, so small and smooth I can cup it in my hand like a pebble. Its features are like his: small nose, Tibetan eyes, goatee beard. It lives in my writing desk, a tiny talisman.​

Creativity is not something that I do or aim to be

Written by poet and artist Sarah Martin.

Creativity is not something that I do or aim to be.  Creativity is part of me.  I know constantly you hear how being creative is a voice for people or a sense of freedom.  It’s true.

Sixteen years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) with the prognosis of blindness.  That’s as clear as it was for me.  Instead of this creating clarity and drive in me, it gripped and placed me in a place of fear and over the next 14 years I lived in a place full of clutter of losing my eyesight and all its restrictions.  Yet, there was underlying voice that kept questioning how I was living my life.

My Life as an Actor

​written by Christie Sistrunk.

Following a creative path takes courage and relies on listening to your inner voice rather the opinions of others.  And guess what? Acting is not about ‘stardom’ or ‘celebrity’ it is a craft that requires discipline, self-awareness and determination.

The basis of acting is storytelling; an active ‘experience’ shared between performer and audience. It is like mass dreaming where the actor is the vessel for imparting experiences, feelings, ideas and points of view. Through these experiences we aim to transport and are transported. We challenge, evoke and empathize. And last but certainly not least we entertain!

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